Saturday May 19th – State of the elephants

Chronicler and photographer Theresa Kaati:

“Saturday (today) morning, 6:45’ish…

As I parked my car opposite the elephants – I saw the municipalities green rubbish bags, filled with rubbish at the site – and the shelter gone! I thought “good news – finally a clean-up”! and ran across the road….

I took a couple of shots of the evidence of  the clean up, and turned to greet big elephant. As I  walked around her –  I gasped! For a split, dizzying second I thought “blood”! In sadness and protective anger – and in spite of my fear of the 5 or 6 vagrants lurking in the bush a few meters away (perhaps forced to sleep in the bush, driven away from their usual shelter…?) – I quickly snapped away at her mutilated face – red paint thrown in her face, splattered in her eye and dripping to the floor…. Who did this and why?

Fear hindered me from my usual comforting embrace, I just allowed myself a quick stroke over her belly, before I ran back to the safety of my car…

When will the destruction stop? When will  our  elephants be safe?”