Andries Botha thanks his supporters

May I take this opportunity to address the most important aspect of the success that we have gained in the so-called “Elephant Saga” in Durban. In hindsight it is completely evident to me that the victory in securing the rebuilding of the elephants is an example of a multi-layered advocacy that does not include one person, but many. I have personally been encouraged and taken heart from the many supporters that have spoken passionately and articulately about the tragedy of the Durban Elephants. You are all too many to name, those of you who have loyally supported the social networks and spoken your strong and articulate views about the on-going saga between myself and the eThekwini municipality.

I would like to unreservedly thank you for your support in securing this important legal decision on behalf of the freedom of speech, the right for the public to have access to creativity and last, but not least, the moral authority of a work of art as a piece of intellectual property that is so adequately protected by our constitution. You have all played a most significant and important part in this significant victory. It is also now true that the elephants have now truly become part of the public property and ownership.

I would also like to thank by name my legal team who entered this legal discourse in order to defend not only the constitution but the principles at hand. They are Gilbert Marcus, Max du Plessis, Alan Boulle, Toby Orford and last but not least J P Purshotum. If I mention individuals by name I suspect I shall be held responsible for omission. There have been many and I am, of course, grateful for their loyal support.

We are currently in discussion to begin the rebuilding phase. We shall keep you informed as the matter progresses.

Once again, may I assure you that your support was inspiring and comforting and this victory would not have been possible without you.

Sincerely and respectfully

Andries Botha

Planning Drawing for new/redone/repaired sculpture

Planning Drawing for new/redone/repaired sculpture