Artistic Indifference & Neglect – Three Elephants in Durban, South Africa


“What can I say about the neglect and mutilation of my three elephants? Shall I say that this is South Africa and I should understood or anticipated it all? I suspect that nobody can protect themselves from such overtness or rejection. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the country or the place? It is that art or creativity in general has little place in the world. We think it should be there but we are not quite sure how it fits into life and it’s survival. We don’t know what its place is in the general wretchedness of it all and how it measures up to all that we see and know in the world.


My heart can die a thousand times if I  knew that it would eventually change something in the world  or hide me in a safer place, that which could make life more beautiful or meaningful to me, so that we humans can  learn to tolerate life’s  mysterious complexity, or simply fall in love with the miracle of it all. But I suspect that some things simply break in all of us and can never be fixed.”


Andries Botha