Date: 2007
Dimensions: 38.7cm X 45.7cm
Media: Pen and Ink on paper

“For all the sorrow of memory that is evoked there is, paradoxically, optimism. The frozen past yields to the creativity of the future. There is no glorification in stone of old authority. Rather, this exhibition invites us all to participate in the making of meaning. To participate in an art of imagining”. Professor Michael Chapman


(dis)Appearance(s) is an intriguing and disquieting look at things forgotten. Botha looks at how we erect symbolic markers in the landscape and then ignore them. He focuses on the ordinary everyday objects that we pass by and brings them into our view in a subtle, yet intense way. Through a variety of media he pays attention to the consequences of the presence and absence of masculinity within an emotional and historical narrative. Some of the works explore the tenderness of relationships whilst others note the conflictive nature of a society at war with itself.


“I would like to see myself as operating in many domains as a creative person: one domain is the manufacture of objects, the other is responding as creatively as I possibly can to the emotional and societal context in which we live.”

Andries Botha


(Taken from press release for Bank Gallery)