Wounded Elephant

Wounded Elephant


Date: 2008
Dimensions: Width, Depth and Height variable
Media: Mild Steel, recycled oak cider barrels, wax, sound and light components

Part of group exhibition: “L’Homme est un Mystère 3” arranged and sponsored by the l’ODDC (www.oddc22.com).


Production of elephant took place at the Abbaye de Bon Repos in Saint-Gelven, Bretagne, France, with the support of the Association des Compagnons de l’abbaye Bon-Repos


Exibition Dates: 15 November 2008 to 25 January 2009

Location: Station Vaste Monde – Saint-Brieuc


Photograph Credit: Jimmy James


Thanking the staff of the ODDC and the Abbaye de Bon-Repos, the volunteers and community of Saint-Gelven and Jimmy James (sound and light).


The ‘Wounded Elephant’ piece invites an arena of contemplation. The awkwardness and pathos of the fallen elephant creates the context where fragility, co-existence and our fragile humanity are juxtaposed. The monumental slumbering masculine fragment proposes an additional historical framework with poetic as well as didactic references. Intelligence, judgement and values are subjected to scrutiny. The installation invites the viewer, as the final interpreter of the juxtaposed elements, to complete the work and to script themselves as a protagonist in life’s perpetuating human drama, recognising that it is individual intelligence that catalyses our greater and lesser decisions