Latitude 33°55’ S. Longitude 18°22’E

Latitude 33°55’ S. Longitude 18°22’E


Date: 2008
Dimensions: H 3m x W 4m x D 4m
Media: Concrete, teak, hydraulic mechanism, lifting mechanism, water

This is a site specific work created in response to both the geographic and physical qualities of the site. The work is responsive to the intensive historical and archeological significance of the specific site as well as the general Cape Town precinct. It became apparent to the artist that the earth not only carried information that was visible but had embedded within it memory and history of a people and a land.


The mathematical grid embedded within the work (50x50cm or 100x100cm) represents the archeological framework that represents not only the surface but also that which is embedded within the earth. The work also references historical contour maps as well as the physical location of the building in Hudson Street.


The artist essentially created a piece of street furniture that interacted with the building and the pavement and presented for the public a moment of repose and reflection.


The bronze, glass and acrylic panels on view are fragments taken from the original artwork and are available in limited edition in any number of combinations.


Location: “The Hudson”, 23 Hudson Street, Waterkant, Cape Town.